Who doesn't freeze up in front of a camera?


Being real in front of the camera

without getting weird about it is one of the hardest things for humans to do.

Even worse if it's video!

All of a sudden we take on a phony news caster role or some sort of cheesy TV commercial voice... 

or we start droning on and on in a 'professionally correct' tone that puts people to sleep.


Why???  Who IS that person??


Being seen is scary.


That's where humor & heart & sensitivity come in.


I make sure we are having fun and that everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. 

Yeah, basically there will be a LOT of fun, like rolling on the floor laughing kind of fun.

Cause that's what re-takes do to ya'!


But I also know when to tread lightly,

and when to push you over that threshold and step into your power.

After all it is that moment between laughter and fear that we become most alive and real.



I make promo videos for entrepreneurs & online coaches

who want to come across genuine and natural on video.


emotionally charged visual content touches people's hearts and makes them feel.


If there are goose bumps - we have achieved!


Hi, I'm Vendela!

I'm a photographer/videographer & brand strategist with over 20 years in business, and I can't wait to see how I can help you! 


Contact me so we can brainstorm about how to best promote your business, event or talk!


San Diego, California based

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